The American Tour Operators of Cuba (ATOC) is a diverse coalition of U.S. based companies and tourism professionals offering travel services in Cuba.  ATOC is a volunteer association founded in the wake of President Trump’s shift of policy towards Cuba, first announced June 16, 2017. The mission of ATOC is to provide members a platform for mutual support, to share resources and to organize advocacy efforts on issues of collective importance.

ATOC currently plays an active role in building public awareness of Cuba as a safe and legal destination, speaking as a united voice to the media and providing a dependable resource for facts and information related to our industry. In support of this cause, the ATOC website offers the American public reliable, detailed and up-to-date travel information specifically tailored for U.S. citizens exploring a trip to Cuba.  ATOC and its members are available to provide information to help prospective travelers navigate the often intimidating rules and restrictions surrounding travel to Cuba.

ATOC members send many thousands of Americans to Cuba annually to learn about the island nation first hand and actively engage with the Cuban people. This form of citizen diplomacy plays an integral role in mutual understanding and engagement. Our travelers returning home from Cuba inevitably share their views with fellow Americans and the combined influence of our membership plays an enormous role in US-Cuba relations.

The contributions of ATOC members to the Cuban people and civil society in Cuba is also substantial. ATOC members are a critical source of financial support and professional development for the innumerable Cuban colleagues, partners and entrepreneurs within the arts, academia, business and tourism sectors. ATOC members seek to help individuals in Cuba from a variety of disciplines showcase their skills and talents. In this way, ATOC also serves as a platform for membership to share ideas, contacts and resources with their fellow members in the spirit of supporting the Cuban people and mutually beneficial collaboration. ATOC believes in bringing good people together and helping one another thrive.
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